20 July 2018

Bottling vintage 2016

After the bottling of vintage 2016 of Château SANSONNET this week (movie extract at the end of the article), today it’s Château MOULIN DU CADET’s bottling. Next week, we will finish by the bottling of the wines of Château SOUTARD-CADET and Château HARMONIE. After that, we will be on holidays in August and have some […]

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22 September 2017

Harvest of Merlot 2017 at Château SANSONNET

Château SANSONNET 21 septembre 2017www.chateau-sansonnet.com Publié par Amandine Bidault DE Gardinville sur vendredi 22 septembre 2017 Short video shot yesterday on the 21st of September … The Merlots were cut at Château SANSONNET and the weather conditions were excellent with beautiful autumnal sun… And now starts 4 days of pre-cold fermentation…

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19 September 2017

Harvest 2017…starts this morning…

This morning at Château SANSONNET started the harvest of vintage 2017, we cut the grappes of young merlot under sunshine. We harvested beautiful and mature grappes despite of these last rainy days. Weather conditions must be good for this week so the grappe will continue to mature in the vineyard. Next harvest episode will be […]

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24 July 2017

Sansonnet at veraison period…

Veraison period is quickly going on… for more than 10 days now … in the different parcels of Château Sansonnet and others estates. With 2 or 3 weeks earlier as usual, it seems to be that we will harvest in advance this year. Today, we imagine that the beginning of harvest 2017 could be on […]

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